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#SportMadeMe story by Júlia Vergueiro - ADVANCE in life through sport Skip to main content

#SportMadeMe story by Júlia Vergueiro

By 2 septembre 2019No Comments
Itw with Julia Vergeuiro

Tell us a bit about you?

JV: « I am Júlia Vergueiro from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’m 30 years old.

I graduated few years ago in International Relations from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. I have now my own business that is 100% related to my passion – a girls and women’s only soccer academy. But prior to that I have been working in a bank for 2 years.

I was born to a soccer-loving family in Sao Paulo and grew up within walking distance of Sao Paulo FC’s stadium. This is therefore no surprise that I had regularly attended games with my family since I was a child.« 


What is your relationship to sport?

JV: « Well, as said I’ve been passionate about sports my whole life. I grew up in family where everyone would watch and play sports most of the time.

I did every kind of sports, but the one I felt in love and that I still play is soccer. I have played it during my exchange high school program in the US, and also during my graduation in Brazil – never professional, but always competing. Nowadays I play 3 times a week – at my academy and also with some friends.

But sport and football is not only my passion but also the sector in which I work since 4 years. I’m proud to say that more than 200 girls and women participate in the Pelado Real soccer academy’s monthly activities.

I’m also a blogger for EspnW Brazil. »


What is your best memory in sport?

JV: « Sports gave me an identity. True is being involved with football as a child made me conquer my space, first, within my own family. I am the youngest and only girl at home. So my love for football allowed me to be part of those moments of cheering and soccer practice . It helped me be heard, and have a voice with my family.

Nowadays, everyone knows me because I have been playing soccer for so many yeats and now also because I work with it.

I have many great memories of meeting people and getting along with different groups because we had sports/soccer in common.

It helped me a lot to expand my network and to belong to all the places I’ve been to. »


What is the super power you have developed through sport?

JV: « To be interesting for other people to come talk/hang out with me. Through sport I have developed my ability to be a kind of magnet while being able to communicate my enthusiasm but also to be more articulate in expressing my needs.

I believed I have developed it just by being me and not being ashamed to tell people about my passion. » 


How is this super power useful in your daily work life today?

JV: « It is extremely useful.

People know me for being someone who is very well connected and that can always find a friend/colleague to help with something.

That is how I engaged so many partners and stakeholders with my academy to make it grow more and more. That is how for example I managed to secure NIKE as a ball and uniform sponsor for my academy. »

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