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#SportMadeMe story by Oluwaseun Nariwoh - ADVANCE in life through sport Skip to main content

#SportMadeMe story by Oluwaseun Nariwoh

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Oluwaseun Abosede Nariwoh

Tell us a bit about you?

ON: « My name is Dr.Oluwaseun Abosede Nariwoh. I am a Senior Sports Officer with the Lagos State Sports Commission, Nigeria. As an ex-table tennis player with strong academic background,my passion is to be Empowered so that I can live an impactful life while influencing young people using sports as a tool to mentor with focus on Girls. This is because they are predominantly primary caregivers and empowering them should be a point of call and pride to every Nation towards the fulfilment of Sustainable Development Goals.« 


What is your relationship to sport?

ON: « I am an ex-table tennis player that has played for over a decade and won many laurels in Local, National and International events. »


What is your best memory in sport?

OW: « Being in sports for over a decade has widen my horizon to different ways of tackling issues of life and the transferable skills learnt has made me to launch fully while unlocking the hidden potentials. Through sports, I have been able to build my confidence level, discipline, tenacity, self efficacy, resilient spirit, acquire skills like time management, communication, interpersonal, emotional Intelligence, paying attention to details, focus, strategic planning, critical thinking, critical analysis which is playing out on my deliverables which has made me to be outstanding in my present career as a Sports Administrator with the Lagos State Government.« 


What is the super power you have developed through sport?

ON: « Confidence and Resilience Spirit. It is a known fact that competitive sport which I participated in for over a decade involves serious hardwork, discipline, confidence before, during and after any sporting event either you win or loose. This over the years, have toughened me and brought me to the consiousness that impossibility is nothing. This has really helped me to be an excellent student during my Undergraduate and Postgraduate sojourn. If you dream it, plan for it, remain focus, then, you can HAVE IT. Sporting experiences made it possible for me to persevere and « EAT THE FROG » when it was very tough on my PhD program. Most importantly, I have come to realize that it is nice to be important but it is more important to be NICE while living an impactful life. » 


How is this super power useful in your daily work life today?

ON: « There are myriads of challenges attached to circular world but being an ex- Tabletennis player having acquired great skills and competencies through sports, I attend to every schedule with the sole aim of proferring solutions and researching on what, why, who, when and how best Lagos State Sports Commission can achieve the purpose of been established (goals and objectives) effectively and efficiently. »

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