What are the skills that make a difference in the working environment?

It is of no secret. The world is changing and revolving faster than ever. Some says we are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Facts and figures
On the labour market, employers are looking for some key assets.
Complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity are the three most important people need to thrive, according to the Future of Jobs Report by World Economic Forum.


Emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility have also entered the skills list for 2020.

No you cannot bet on school only!

Houston we have a problem! Many people in young adulthood leave sport and one of the reason is “I need to focus on my studies”. This is especially true for girls and women.


« Many of today’s education systems are already disconnected from the skills needed to function in today’s labour markets »?

This is the conclusion of the World Economic Forum “Human Capital Report” with the subtitle “Preparing People for the Future of Work”.

Work AND PLay
What if… Playing sport was a winning combination ticket together with education?

You don’t need to believe me, but next time you think of using the “I need to focus on my studies if I want a career’… well think about this:

Sport and soft skills, how do they relate?

  • Sport foster skills like problem solving, creativity or collaboration.
  • Practicing sport nurture our natural ability to learn throughout a lifetime
  • Sport empowers people on gaining leadership skills and finding common ground to tackle tough issues
  • Sport teach about persistence and learning from your failures
  • Sport allow you to progress achieving these skills from getting to know them to maybe one-day mastering them
  • It builds resilience and determination.
  • It develops your ability to communicate and to work through difficult problem
  • It teaches you DECISIVENESS
  • It teaches you to chase the things you deserve
  • Sport is good for mental health and therefore is a way to show your future employer you are taking care of yourself

So the conclusion is…

The human ability to learn through play may be the best-kept, low-cost secret for addressing the skills agenda with potential to equip yourself to thrive!


And you know what sport -if you find the one that suits you- is nothing but learning through play, whatever the level.

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